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DELIVERY - What is the cost of delivery?

The price you see already includes the delivery price. If you have not entered the postal delivery code, the prices for delivery in Spain in-land will be displayed. Be sure to log into your account or at the top of the store, zip code, and delivery country.

DESIGN - Why should water bottles carry so much information?

As food products, they are ruled by health standards that must be respected. Among them, composition, source of origin, distributor, etc. Please confirm that your design complies.

The template we provide is an option, but you can change the font type and color, placement, etc., to suit your design more.

The distributor name can be changed but it must always appear.

DELIVERY - Where can we deliver?

We deliver all over Europe. For other countries, contact us and we will see the different options. If you are using these bottles outside of EUROPE, please consult us to ensure that the legal regulations of the country of entry apply. Deliveries in Switzerland will be charged with 60€ for custom charges.

PURCHASE - Can you help me with the purchase?

Of course, contact us by the live chat of this page, by phone on +34 93 791 51 88 or by email to info@thebrandcompany.net

DELIVERY - What is the delivery time of a custom product?

Most products will be delivered between 20 and 30 days,  depending on the product, quantity and point of delivery. In each product will indicate a standard delivery, you can ask for another date that we will confirm after consulting with the production department.

PURCHASE - What is the payment method?

As custom products, orders are paid when you place them. If you have a different payment method, it will appear in your customer account.

We accept American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

DELIVERY - What does Single Delivery Date mean?

If you have an event and on site you are not accepted to receive the order either before or after, an exact delivery must bearranged with the carrier, which comes at an extra cost of 30€. If you want a certain delivery time, we can ask the carrier for guarantee. We recommend flexible dates. Be sure to mark it in your shopping cart.

PURCHASE - I'm an agency or distributor

Make sure you're registered to access all the reseller benefits. Sign in to your account when you enter the page.

PURCHASE - What can I buy in this store?

Here you will find a wide range of personalized products, selected as a great advertising and communication tool. Original gifts that bring happiness. Water for events, fairs, promotions, and much more. There is a wide range of water bottles, glass bottles to re-fill, paper cups, napkins, paper straws, etc. In our search engine you will find the entire range.

DESIGN - Can I see what my product will look like?

With several products you can make a virtual mock-up yourself (download the template first if necessary). From the same product or www.3dstudio.thebrandcompany.net. If you are registered, a copy will be sent to you for approval. You can also download a static image yourself.

The models are computer generated so the colors can vary.

In our Video Experience section you will find an explanatory video.

DELIVERY - What do you mean, depalletized?

Most of our products are shipped in a pallet to protect them and make sure they get you there. The carrier will deliver it to you at one point but without uploading them to a floor level. In case you want me to upload it to a floor other than street leve, we can arrange it. It has an extra cost of 80 euros. Be sure to mark it in your shopping cart.

PURCHASE - Can I return the product?

The sales on this page are final. As they are customized products, they are made only for you, so returns are not allowed. Of course, we guarantee the quality of what we deliver, if there is a problem in the marking we will replace it with the correct one.

Please make sure that the order and the mock-up are what you want. You have measurement information and additional info in the product sheet. If you have made a mistake, you have 2 hours from the confirmation of the order to cancel it free of charge.

PRODUCT - What kind of customization can a water bottle have?

Almost all our bottles, can be customized in 4 ways:

- Paper label. 1 or 2 colors, or in full color. The small amounts are always in digital print so the price will be the same as for 1 or 4 colors.

- Plastic label. Allows you to make the label with white or transparent background. Printed in a curly way.

- Direct printing. It is printed directly on the bottle, in 1 or 2 colors and around it.

- Sleeve or full sleeve. It is like a retractable sleeve, printed in full color that is placed in the bottle covering it completely.

In our Video Experience section you will find an explanatory video.

PURCHASE - Can I see all the products quickly?

You can view our neutral catalogue at www.waterandmore.info, or access to it directly from the home page.

PURCHASE - How does the search engine work?

We have enabled a horizontal search engine to allow you to select from all our products. You can choose one of the options, without having to select any of  the rest. For example, if you select RED, it will show you all red products, from napkins, to bottles or drums.

If you then choose a category it will narrow down the selecction.

You can choose:

. Category, subcategory

. Type of customization (label, screen printing, laser, etc.)

. Color  of the product or the cap

. Eco. If the product is environmentally friendly


When you're on a product, the category and subcategory of that product is checked so you can keep selecting from the other options.

DESIGN - How do I make a virtual mock-up?

For some of our products you can make a virtual sample yourself. Access directly from the article or by www.3dstudio.thebrandcompany.net

The product delimits the marking area. If it's a water bottle you can change the color of the cap.

You can upload your design or logo to see how it looks in pdf, jpg or png. In a file up to 4mb.

Place the design in the shaded area at the top left

Please note that water bottles must carry certain information included in the template and regulations must be complied with .

Once the design is done, you can download the static image (not the rotating one), by clicking on the camera image in the top right.

When you're done and back in the store, an email will be sent to you for approval.

In order to make several models, keep in mind that the design you use here will not be saved for production, but in the one you go up in the UP DESIGN section next to the product or in the Shopping Cart.

Watch our video: How to make my virtual mock-up

PURCHASE - What does the ECO rating in the search engine mean?

Eco means it is a more environmentally friendly product. The perfect packaging does not exist but some are better as they reduce plastic use by a significant percentage. For example, the carton water has more than 75% of plant based materials. There is no doubt that there is a long way to go but at least it puts 75% less plastic on the market, in addition to reducing the C02 in its production.

The rPet is made with other PET bottles, which means that existing resources have been used.

Our cardboard cups, all have PLA inside, which is a material of plant origin, thus removing the plastic from the cup that made it have to be recycled in the yellow container. Ours goes to the blue container.

We hope this ranking will serve you in your selection. If you need any particular product information, please contact us.

PRODUCT - Glass bottles: What are the differences in the types of marking?

Glass bottles have different marking that mainly influence the durability of customization:

. Screen print. It can be 1 or 2 colors and all around the bottle. It should be washed carefully and without abrasive products.

. Vitrfied decal. It has an area of 5.5x5.5 cm and up to 3 colors for the same price. There is the option to do it at 1 color only, only in black, or double zone. It has great durability.

. Vitrhied. It's the toughest, most indelible. Ideal for catering or products that need to be washed with abrasive products.

I want the product non-personalized or as shown in the image

All our products are customized ,i.e. with a special brand or design. The images shown are examples and are not available for sale.

There are certain products that are available without customization, such as glass bottles to fill. Select that option in our search engine.

DELIVERY - What do I have to do if I package or pallet arrives in bad condition?

If the order has been damaged during shipping or the box is damaged, it is important that it is indicated on the packing document or delivery note that the carrier brings. If nothing is indicated on the packing document, we will not be able to accept the claim. Please check the status of the order upon arrival.

PRODUCT - All our products are customized ,i.e. with a special brand or design. The images shown ar

All our products are customized ,i.e. with a special brand or design. The images shown are examples and are not available for sale.

There are certain products that are available without customization, such as glass bottles to fill. Select that option in our search engine.

Water bottles cannot be sold without a label to comply with legal regulations. Carton water is available without customization as they carry all legal data on the sides and in four languages (Spanish, English, French and German).

DELIVERY - What documents does my order carry?

Orders are shipped with an non-quantified (no price), neutral (no name of our company) and an address sheet.

If you want me to carry your documentation, no problem, you can send it to us at info@thebrandcompany.net (there may be limitations on certain products).

PRODUCT - Can I have a pre-production sample before the production?

It is usually not necessary and with the virtual sample you will be able to see the effect of your order. If you still need a sample, it is possible in some products and the cost will be between 50€ and 250€. Contact us and we will confirm the different options.

Oh what a mess, I have more questions

Ha, ha, we'd love to help you! You can call us on 93 791 51 88, we can serve you in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German and a little Italian.

You can write us an emai to info@thebrandcompany.net,we are quick to answer.

Or use our Live Chat and we'll get back to you instantly (during office hours).

PRODUCT - What if I want a different quantity or a product I can't find?

Contact us and we will find a solution, e.g. Different designs, additional customizations, etc. Try us.

PRODUCT - I'm a hotel and I want regular deliveries.

A large number of hotels throughout Europe have our products. We can do a price study with two basic data: approximate annual consumption and type of delivery (by boxes, by pallets, etc.).

We put at your disposal a website called www.quieroagua.com from where you can make your periodic orders in an agile way and see the status of it at any time. Contact us to find the best option.

DESIGN - How do I design?

In many products, simply by climbing with design and respecting the marking measurements indicated in "Additional Information" of each product, it will be enough.

Other products need a template as it must include some legal information to be included. Download it in"Design Template", make your design and upload it to the order.

Once we confirm that it is correct (in the number of colors, composition etc), we will send you information and proceed with the order.

We can make the design for you with an extra cost of 25 euros that you can add in the shopping cart.

PURCHASE - How do I make a purchase?

We have several options of product, customization, color etc. Each option is a reference. Once you are in the product you will not be able to change the cup or customization, but you can change your selection in the search engine.

By selecting the quantity, it will give you the price, with delivery and all expenses included. You can add extras later if you wish.

If you already have your design, upload it here. You can make your mock-up and confirm the purchase. And you still don't have it, you can do it later.

Some products, such as water bottles, need to carry some legal information, so the design must go in a template that you can download in the same product. We can help you with the design if you need it.

Check the address and delivery date. By default one is assigned but if you want you prefer, you can change it and we will confirm it.

You will receive your custom order in a short time.

In our Video Experience section you will find a step by step video.

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